Harcon Precision Metals has established a reputation for quality utilizing state of the art technology in the sheet metal and machining industry since 1969.


Specializing in applications for computers, electronics, medical and biometical products, Harcon is an impressively diversified metal fabrication plant. Harcon's broad base expertise caters to the quality requirements and demands of these highly technological fields.


A CAD/CAM system directly linked to the manufacturing machinery provides an accurate response to customer drawings and specifications.


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All qutoes provided by Harcon Precision Metals are guarenteed to be the best possible price that can be provided by the company. This is done through the utilization of a production software; MieTrak Pro.


MieTrak Pro allows Harcon to know the exact costs of parts before even running a lot through the facility. If, in the event, a quote was not accurate, MieTrak Pro will notify Harcon that a price adjustment is suggested on the next run.


This intricate software allows for detailed tracking for all of the important features of a job including; material certifications, inspection requirements, dates of fabrication, individual workers on the job.

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