Industries We Serve

  • Aerospace
  • Biotech
  • Communications
  • Custom or Commercial Components
  • Department of Defense
  • Food Service
  • Lighting
  • Marine / Maritime
  • Medical
  • Military
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​Services We Provide

Sheet Metal Fabrication

  • High capacity and throughput.

  • Sheet metal cutting via; CNC Punch, Laser, Water Jet, and Shear.

  • Punching louvers, counter sinks, and tight tolerances.

  • Laser cutting odd curves, shapes, etching, and marking.


  • Vertical, horizontal, and 4 axis mill.

  • Precision mill and lathe work.

  • Serving; medical, Navy, printing, and automotive industries.

  • Fixture and tooling design to improve processing.

Forming and PEM


  • High capacity forming department.

  • Latest Amada technology including offline automated bend programing.

  • PEM and hardware procurement and installation.

Powder Coating

  • Highest capacity and throughput department.

  • Six stage wash, automated powdercoating, and temperature regulated baking all in-line.


  • Redesign, professional input, and reverse engineering.

  • Material testing and design to MIL-S-901D.